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About Temples of India

Temples of India is a devotees led movement to create a comprehensive and detailed online repository of temples across the Bharatvarsha. Temples of India is a not-for-profit knowledge platform to document and store possibly all details of temples across Bharatvarsha.
We aim to present each detail related to the temple such as its location, images of the temple, videos, open and close timings, etc contributed by devotees like you. You can search temples located nearby but unknown to you. Our goal is to acquaint users with the rich heritage of our country whose core lies in the temples.
We are a group of students from IIT Bombay mentored by Prof. Ganesh Ramakrishnan under the Dharmawiki project.

Core Team:
Ayush Maheshwari

Arun Jayaramakrishnan


Prof. Saketha Nath
Prof. Ravi Pooviah
Anjay Goel (Android Development)
Prateek (App Backend)
Siddharth Raja (Web Backend)
Aman Kumar(Web Frontend)
Arjun Sable

Finally we thank all the people who are continuously giving us feedback, filling surveys and helping us make temples of India delightful for devotees.
We thank Parmanand Ahirwar (PhD Student) for generous donation of $1000.

Support Temples of India

Temples of India is a non-profit cause which is being run by students and devotees like you. We are completely dependent on devotees for preserving our rich temple heritage about temples in the country. Do your little help in preserving the glory of Sanatan Dharma for eternity by either adding temples you love and if possible, help us monetarily.
Are you a Techie? You could help us by joining our development team. Let us know your interest by mailing at

For any other queries, mail us at